Species Electronic Robot
Gender Male
Number 29
Type Steel
Role Psymonster
Home Psymonster World
Rarity Supernatural
Color Purple

Automix is a supernatural Psymonster of the Psymonster World. He is of the Steel type.


Automix just wants to be loved. He may have started out as a purple electronic robot, but somewhere along the way his neon gold screen face took on a life of his very own. Now that he can speak, sing, dance, make music, and think, he is hoping to find his true place in the Psymonster World. It could actually be quite practicable that Automix can do anything else. He can dance around making music, and he has a robotic voice, but he feels there must be more to life. Automix has tried copying some of the other Psymonsters, but he kept falling off of any animal, water splashing possibly made him electrocuted, and masked wrestling was absolutely a big mistake. Perhaps he will just try dancing with other Psymonsters that he sees instead.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is a purple electronic robot with a blue head, sky blue horns, a neon gold face with eyes, light gold pupils, and a light gold soundwave, a red underside, yellow arms and three legs, and purple hands and three feet.


  • His name is a combination of "audio", "atomic", and "mix".
  • He appears to have light gold pupils instead of black.
  • Automix is the only robot Psymonster with horns.
  • Automix and Telephone are the only purple Steel Psymonsters.
  • Like Cameroid, Automix has three legs.
  • Like Headphonical, Automix has a soundwave.