Species Alien
Gender Female
Number 14
Type Alien
Role Psymonster
Home Psymonster World
Rarity Interstellar
Color Green

Earthstormer is an interstellar Psymonster of the Psymonster World. She is of the Alien type.


None of the Psymonsters know where Earthstormer came from or how she got here. She just showed up one day with a map of the planet and a dictionary, but neither one works very well. The map puts any location in the Psymonster World, the dictionary lists gasoline as a type of locomotive, which made things kind of embarrassing that time when Earthstormer tried to take a train to meet the royal Psymonster. Earthstormer wants to conquer the planet, but she keeps getting sidetracked by some fascinating attractions, so she hasn't really gotten around to the whole thing yet. She is also not sure what to do with the Psymonster World once it has been conquered, but she is pretty sure that whatever it is, it will be totally incredible.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She is a green alien with three red eyes, a purple dress, a dark turquoise mouth with a turquoise tongue, gray gloves and boots, a yellow belt with a pink star, and pointy ears with orange ear innards.