Species Camel
Gender Male
Number 60
Type Magic
Role Psymonster
Home Psymonster World
Rarity Uncommon
Color Brown

Egyptian is an uncommon Psymonster of the Psymonster World. He is of the Magic type.


As the ruler of the golden temple in the Psymonster World, Egyptian is used to the finer things in life, but any Psymonster doesn't think for a moment that it has made him soft. He could have banquets five times a day and legions of loyal Psymonsters to obey him every command, but he also knows all about tax codes, crop rotation, and pyramid construction regulations, not to mention the ancient game of politics. Egyptian loves to disguise himself as a commoner and listen to what his subjects are saying about him. Naturally, since every Psymonsters know what he really looks like, Psymonsters are always careful to say only nice things. It will not be too hard, since for an all-powerful sovereign, he is really too good.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is a giant brown camel with teal eyes, a beige collar around his neck, twelve rainbow tassels on his collar, and a dark brown tip of his tail.