Species Tiki Man
Gender Male
Number 26
Type Jungle
Role Psymonster
Home Psymonster World
Rarity Uncommon
Color Red

Islandhead is an uncommon Psymonster of the Psymonster World. He is of the Jungle type.


Islandhead keeps vigilant watch over the forbidden cove of his enchanted island home in the beautiful rainforest of the Psymonster World. When he spots a ship sailing near, whether it flies the skull-and-crossbones or the flag of the naval branch, he has a large, ornamental red carved wooden mask, and gets ready to drive off any unfriendly visitors. Fortunately, he is well-prepared thanks to the friendly Psymonsters. With a knowledge of traps learned from the spirited Psymonster, lessons in cunning from the stealthy Psymonster, and the book full of pranks from the mischievous Psymonster, Islandhead also has everything he needs to send any pesky Psymonsters who try to invade his island packing.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is a short tiki man with blue skin, lime eyes, a large red tiki mask with two purple lines, three green leaves, a yellow nose, large teeth, and orange eyebrows.


  • Islandhead is made from the combined words of Island and Tiki Head.
  • Islandhead is one of the four Psymonsters who wear masks (the other three are Swackroach, Lavabacker, and Margaritaville).
  • Islandhead is the only shortest humanoid Psymonster.
  • He appears to have a red mask, similar to the way the Ruffian does.