Species Snail
Gender Female
Number 53
Type Bug
Role Psymonster
Home Psymonster World
Rarity Common
Color Green

Sheloden is a Psymonster who is the fifty-third.


Sheloden respires using a lung belong to Psymonsters, while her gills form of many races; in other words, her gills form a number of taxonomies that are not necessarily more closely related to each other. Her lungs and gills have diversified so widely over geological time that her gills can be found on land and her lungs can be found in freshwater. Even she has lungs. She can be found in a very wide range of other environments. Although Sheloden may be more familiar to Psymonsters, she constitutes the majority of Psymonsters, and have much greater diversity and a greater biomass. She can also be found in freshwater. She can be herbivorous, eating plants or rasping algae from surfaces with her radula, though she can be omnivorous or carnivorous.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She is a big olive snail with a purple shell and red lips.